Vocational School Career Guidance

Vocational School Career Guidance

How do I pick a vocational school? What can I get a degree or certificate in? What can I do with it? The answers to these questions and much more can be found in our resource pages, starting with this introduction!

Vocational schools, sometimes called Vocational-Technical or “Vo-Tech” schools for short, have proven their value to students for generations. Like the trade guilds and apprenticeship systems they sprang from, votech schools are founded on one simple principle: The best way to learn a trade is to get hands-on experience practicing it while studying under those who have mastered it.

Yet, while vocational and trade schools may have descended from proud, time-honored traditions, they are not bound by those traditions. Modern vocational schools have adapted to meet the needs of modern times. As the world shifts towards a service-oriented economy, new career choices have been added to meet those demands. As lifestyles have become more diverse and the demands on time more pressing, class scheduling has become more flexible to meet individual needs. And as the need to get into the job market faster has grown, new methods of instruction have been incorporated to make learning more effective and economical.

See our list of vocational school resources on our resources page.

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